Growing BASIL in your Vegetable Garden

PLANT TYPE: Annual  
LATIN NAME: Ocimum basilicum
SUN: Full Sun  
SOIL TYPE: A very wide range of soil types. Little preferrence
pH RANGE: 6.0 ‐ 7.0  
WATERING: Average  (Basils do not like wet feet)
MATURITY IN DAYS: 30 days before you can begin regularly harvesting the leaves.  
KNOWN PESTS: Not really if the plant is reasonably healthy. 
KNOWN DISEASES: Root rot from overwatering

All of the Basil's are excellent to start gardening with.
As they are quite easy to germinate, and, easy to grow, they can give a wonderful sense of accomplishment to any new gardener.
The only consideration in Australian conditions is Winter. They are very frost tender and do not do well in an environment where frost and chill wet air is likely.
Try not to plant your Basil where it will become shaded by neighbouring plants. It likes to have sun all over it.
Generally, in Australia, it is grown as an annual but in more tropical environments it can be grown as a perennial and will become quite woody and survive for several years.

Harvesting the flowering tops will stimulate more leaf growth. Drying the leaves is not an easy business as the colour is difficult to hold and they become rather dull. Fast drying in the shade is best.

Best Times to grow Basil:
Melbourne, Snowy Mts. and Tasmania - Oct - April
Adelaide, Sydney & Perth - Sept - May.
Coffs Harbour to Rockhampton - late August- June
North Q'ld and NT - All year..