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    Broad Beans
    BOTANICAL NAME: Vicia faba  
    SUN: Full Sun  
    SOIL TYPE: Rich well‐drained, deep sandy, composted loam  
    pH RANGE: 6.0 ‐ 6.8  
    WATERING: Every 2nd Day  
    MATURITY IN DAYS: 70 ‐ 75  
    KNOWN PESTS: Grasshoppers  
    The broad bean (Vicia faba) is a bushy, hardy annual that grows up to 1 metre tall; it has square stems with leaves divided into leaflets.
    The white flowers are marked with brown. The pods contain four to six or more light-brown seeds.

    Trellis or Pole Beans
    BOTANICAL NAME: Phaseolus vulgaris  
    SUN: Full Sun  
    SOIL TYPE: Medium‐rich, well‐drained, deep sandy loam  
    pH RANGE: 6.0 ‐ 7.0  
    MATURITY IN DAYS: 65 ‐ 80  
    KNOWN PESTS: Aphids  

    Trellis beans are among the few vegetables that add a sense of height to the garden. Snake beans can climb up stakes trellis's or fence supports. If growing space is limited, snake beans are the
    answer. Snake beans yield over a long period of time and frequent picking encourages more production.

    All bean types require a full sun location, soil pH of 6.5‐7.5, and well drained soil. Good air circulation around bush bean plants is essential as they are susceptible to fungal diseases which prevail later in the season. 
    Most beans are light feeders; compost or well rotted manures worked into the soil at the time of planting is usually enough for the whole season.  
    When harvesting, use maturity days as an indicator. Harvest once the pods are smooth, firm and crisp. 
    Keep beans constantly picked to ensure a fresh supply.
    Dry & Shell Beans ( White Hyacinth, Madagascar and even Rice Bean) should be harvested when the bush beans pods are completely dry and brittle. 
    Cut or pull pods from bush bean plants and shell the beans. Store beans in an air tight container in a cool dry spot.

    Best Times to grow Beans:
    Melbourne, Snowy Mts. and Tasmania - Oct - Jan
    Adelaide, Sydney & Perth - Mar - July.
    Coffs Harbour to Rockhampton - Mar- June 
    North Q'ld and NT - April and June.




We do not grow any GMO varieties of anything. Almost everything that we grow is Heirloom, which means that the variety has not been changed in any way since before WW2.


Any varieties where we are unsure of the heritage, we will grow for 5-10 seasons before we decide to sell the seed.


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