Quick List of links to the Crops we grow and Sell

September 5, 2018

Aarons’ Rod Agapanthus Agati Agrimony Akebia quinata Alehoof Aloe vera Alpine Strawberry Amaranth (Grain) Amaranth (Tri-colour) American Wormseed- Epazote Amish Paste Tomato Angled Luffa Aniseed or Anise Apple Blossom Bulbs Arabica coffee Arkansas Traveler Tomato Arnica Montana Ashwagandha Asparagus Australian Native Ginger Aztec Lily Aztec Marigold or Mexican Tarragon Balloon Flower Banana Passionfruit Beefsteak Tomato […]

Growing Pumpkin and Squash

August 6, 2018

Cucurbita maxima (Simply meaning ‘Large Gourd’) Just another wonderful gift to the world from South America, this wide family of food plants are among the most vigorous ‘vegetables’ that you could grow in the backyard. Sometimes called ‘winter squash’ simply because they are harvested in Autumn and frequently consumed during the winter months, these wholesome […]

Germinating seeds

July 31, 2018

While growing herbs and other plants from seed is natures’ way of ensuring survival of the species, it is not always easy to be successful unless you keep in mind the nature of the plants themselves. The following tips are here to help but minor variations may need to be adapted as common sense will […]