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    PLANT TYPE: Annual 
    BOTANICAL NAME: Lactuca sativa 
    SUN: Full Sun in spring/autumn, partial shade in summer 
    SOIL TYPE: Rich, well‐drained, loose loam. 
    pH RANGE: 6.2 ‐ 6.8 
    WATERING: Keep moist, not waterlogged, daily short watering is best 
    MATURITY IN DAYS: 45 ‐ 55 
    KNOWN PESTS: slugs, snails and grasshoppers

    Your garden or pots must have at least 8 hours of full sun and a soil pH of 6.2‐6.8. 
    Lettuce is a heavy feeder and prefers a rich, well mulched soil with good drainage. 
    Add plenty of compost or well rotted manure prior to planting lettuce, not during their growth. 
    During their growth you are best to use a folair spray with high nitrogen content as it is the leaf that we need to encourage.

    Mulching can be useful to keep soil cool and reduce weeds. We use sugarcane mulch.
    Harvest lettuce early in the morning after dew is evaporated. 
    Loose‐leaf types can be picked as soon as leaves are large enough to eat.
    Some varieties such as Cos can be picked as you need the leaves over a very long period.


    Best Times to grow Lettuce:
    Melbourne, Snowy Mts. and Tasmania - Sept - May
    Adelaide, Sydney & Perth - All Year
    Coffs Harbour to Rockhampton - All Year
    North Q'ld and NT - Feb - Nov




We do not grow any GMO varieties of anything. Almost everything that we grow is Heirloom, which means that the variety has not been changed in any way since before WW2.


Any varieties where we are unsure of the heritage, we will grow for 5-10 seasons before we decide to sell the seed.


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