Seed Saving

Back in the 1970’s there was a growing awareness that, as a nation, Australia’s crop seed genetic diversity was diminishing. This proved to be quite an accurate assessment of the state of affairs.

Now, in 2018 it is, predictably, worse. Our farmers are being coerced into an ever narrowing choice of fruit and vegetable varieties, F1 varieties are more and more reduced and ‘seedless’ varieties are on the increase.

While there are ‘banks’ for preserving established seed varieties on a global level, this will probably prove to be a very limited solution to the problem as seed will not keep indefinitely and  who decides when and what will be repopulated is anyone’s guess.

This website will hopefully provide some information, to enable the market gardener, backyard gardener or anyone with 1/2 an acre to spare, to grow the ‘heirloom’ plants that are fundamental to our culture, save the seed to grow again next season and pass it on to the next generation.